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Just in! We are excited to announce that we have won an Hermes Platinum Award for our website design for client Shift Law. Read on to learn a little bit more about this exciting project. And check out the award submission page here.

After realizing that their previous website wasn’t up-to date with modern standards, Shift Law decided to migrate from MODX CMS and rebuild in WordPress. Alongside this migration process we also did a complete redesign which helped Shift compete against some of Canada’s largest law firms by having an attractive design for clients on both mobile devices and PC. Below, we will detail some challenges and solutions and share a before and after of the transformation.

Challenges and Solutions:

Challenge 1 – Describing Brand Services: One of the most common challenges we faced on the previous site was that people kept thinking that Shift Law also worked on patent work. Whereas the client the main services revolved around Intellectual Property. So, we determined that the main challenge was to get the message across and clearly communicate Shift Law’s capabilities and specialty in copyright law and litigation.

Solution: To help describe our boutique services, we thought of adding a tagline right at the top of the homepage, which first clearly described what the law firm was unique in, compared to other competitors. To ensure we also described the services properly, we built a dynamic hero banner below the navbar, which would keep rotating through our services, thereby briefly explaining all of the services without having the ability to scroll below the fold!

Challenge #2 – Testimonials: Another big challenge we faced was on the testimonials page. We noticed that we had been getting minimal traffic and low engagement on that page. We eventually concluded that the firms Google reviews may be more effective than testimonials, due to the higher authority and trust people place in Google reviews.

Solution: The firm’s Google reviews were outstanding, and we found a way to use a plugin allowing those reviews show up on the testimonials page, thereby showing the real reviews that the firm’s past clients had sent.

Challenge #3 – Conversions: Help Shift Law gain leads and website visitors. The website had a lot of visitors previously, but they didn’t always convert to leads.

Solution: We wrote and produced an eBook for Shift Law’s website. This leads magnet will help Shift produce more customer conversions and drive more traffic to the website.

Challenge #4 – Conversions pt. II: Help Shift Law gain leads and website visitors. The website had a lot of visitors previously, but they didn’t always convert to leads.

Solution: Scheduler page – we implemented a scheduler page on the website which allows visitors to make appointments with the law firm on demand. With the addition of a special plugin, the appointment booker was integrated with law firms outlook calendar, allowing them to book consultations 24/7 without the potential client having to call the office for an appointment.

Challenge #5 – Website UX: We wanted to improve the overall UX of the website while making things more visually appealing and easier to navigate. I.e. the plain dropdown menus.

Solution: Visual panel menu design – We designed new menu panels to replace the drab dropdowns. These were a big improvement visually and in the UX sense, this style of menu allows for icons and photos to be added into the menu and invites users to explore internal pages, improving engagement, time on site and pages viewed per visitor.

Before and After

A snapshot of the website before the revamp:

A snapshot of the new website after the revamp:

When it comes to digital marketing, law firms face a competitive landscape. Not only do they need to make sure their website is up to date and looking its best, but they also need to make sure it ranks highly in search engine results. With so much competition out there, it’s more important than ever to make sure your law firm stands out from the crowd and is effective at both ranking on Google AND converting visitors into leads. And that’s where we come in.

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