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Sales Funnel Strategy

Sales Funnel Strategy

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

At LegalWerx, we understand that marketing your law firm can be a daunting task. There are so many options and strategies to choose from, and it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we offer a bespoke law firm marketing plan and strategy service. We will work with you to create a personalized game plan that takes into account your competitive landscape
and your firm’s unique expertise, experience and practice areas.

We will then help you implement the plan, including improving your law firm’s SEO, website optimization and design as well as advertising and social media to help you attract and engage high value client leads. We will not only craft the
initial gameplan, but keep track of it, review it and adjust it as time goes on.

What’s Included

Competitor and best practice research

When we create your law firm’s marketing strategy, we will do so with your competitors in mind. We analyze your competitors SEO and keyword rankings and try to incorporate and apply what works to your own firm’s strategy while also finding new and original ways that you can stand out. We will also research best practices in marketing when it comes to the type of law firm practice area you have. The research that we do here will set the stage for the rest of the custom law firm marketing plan that we craft for your practice.

Sales Funnel Strategy Diagram

Hiring a lawyer is not something anyone takes lightly. Many potential clients will research their problem or issue on Google before ever making an appointment for a consult. Legalwerx’ innovative and comprehensive marketing funnel visual report can help you turn web visitors into client leads, generating those prospects consistently.

In a divorce, for example: someone might be thinking about separating long before they actually go through with it. So we may help you write blog posts about the first steps in a separation, child custody, support payments or other issues someone may research before actually contacting a lawyer. Our sales funnels map out the customer journey and helps you have a website with relevant content that connects with your potential client from the time
they’re first researching a legal problem to the point where they are
ready for a legal consultation.

Driving Law Firm Website Traffic

There’s no question that website traffic is essential for any law firm that wants to be successful. But how do you go about driving more traffic to your site? Legalwerx has the answer. We identify key ways to drive more traffic to your website, such as organic, SEO, paid search, social media and email marketing, and we bake it into a comprehensive marketing plan for you. We also provide ongoing analysis and optimization to ensure that your plan is always effective.

Convert More Visitors with Law Firm Lead Magnets

Legalwerx law firm marketing lead magnets are an essential tool for converting web visitors into potential clients. By offering a sample of your legal expertise, you can engage someone and encourage them to take the next step in their search for a lawyer. Lead magnets can take the form of eBooks, quizzes, calculators and more, making it easy for people to find the right fit for their needs. With Legalwerx, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your web traffic and generating quality leads that will result in booked consultations.

Results and Work We Deliver for Our Lawyers’ Web Marketing Needs

More Phone Calls + Leads

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Complete Tracking + Reporting-Ready

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Modern + Reliable

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LegalWerx Can Help Generate Your Marketing Strategy

We get it. You’re busy running your firm, so you’ve handed over the marketing to us! We know that marketing a law firm can feel overwhelming – but don’t worry because our team is here with everything from mapping our your initial law firm marketing strategy, to executing a well researched SEO campaign, to crafting your blog posts and web design all way down through lead nurturing systems (and even social media). Your team can focus on its core competencies without worrying about the law firm marketing because we’ve got you covered!

What to expect with your free Game Plan?

  • A LegalWerx Marketing Specialist will contact you to review your firm’s website and discuss your marketing to date.
  • We’ll discuss your revenue & lead goals, competitors, budget and timetable
  • We prepare a report as well as detailed marketing game plan to reach your goals within the next 90 days.
  • We meet with you to discuss next steps

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