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Nowadays, as a lawyer, you understand you need a website for your law firm to survive. But few attorneys realize that it’s the online contact forms on your website which can spell the difference between a web visitor that lands on your page and bounces, and one that actually “converts”, and contacts you about their legal issue so you can close the deal.

Online contact forms are often the most overlooked and ignored part of any law firm website. Forms are often left out altogether with many law offices just having an email or phone number on their Contact Us Page for potential clients to get in touch. But if you’re ignoring your online forms, you could be making a growth-killing error which costs you daily in lost revenue, qualified client leads and the ability to track your website performance with more accuracy.

For over 10 years, napkin marketing, a digital marketing agency and parent company to legalwerx, has been setting up online forms, using the Formstack form builder, on all its client sites for a variety of different applications. napkin “bakes in” contact forms as part of building a client’s sales funnel designed to drive leads with their website.

The results? “The sites where we install Formstack forms see an average of 150% to 300%  increased conversions and leads after set up. The right forms help our clients businesses grow exponentially. They can also help them save thousands of hours of employee time by automating paperwork-intensive processes. We customize each form and landing page to maximize responses for each client’s business.” napkin marketing has installed formstack forms on clients ranging from government and healthcare to ecommerce, SaaS companies, law firms, accounting firms, real estate, schools and camps, online education and much more. 

napkin marketing and their “sister agency” Legalwerx, a law firm marketing and SEO firm, recently announced a new partnership with Formstack  in what they expect will be the “next gen” in delivering industry-leading contact form solutions for their client’s websites.

Trusted by over 27,000 organizations, from Netflix to the NHL, Formstack’s user friendly forms  seamlessly integrate with hundreds of popular tools and web applications – including Mailchimp, Salesforce, Microsoft, Stripe and Slack – so clients can easily connect to their systems, automate workflows, and be more productive.

Our newly-formed official partnership with Formstack is the natural culmination of our decade-long experience with using its myriad of tools, and interacting with their knowledgeable staff. We’re delighted to have empowered so many businesses and organizations in streamlining their workload using Formstack, and are excited to continue to bring their future-forward platforms to clients.

Adina Zaiontz, Director, napkin marketing

It is a privilege to include napkin marketing and LegalWerx amongst our consulting partners. They’ve shown themselves to be agencies that have demonstrated incredible technological know-how and a deep understanding as Formstack developers that can strategize form solutions and solve clients’ challenges.

Zak Pines, VP, Partnerships, Formstack

LegalWerx works with and installs custom Formstack forms on WordPress, Shopify, SquaredSpace, Joomla and many other platforms.
Our Formstack development projects include:

  • Mailchimp Formstack integrations
  • Zapier integrations
  • Ecommerce order forms with payment
  • Contact forms for WordPress sites
  • eBook landing pages
  • Job application forms
  • Health clinic/ medical clinic contact forms
  • Complex “request a quote” forms
  • PDF receipts and integrations
  • Children’s programs and school registration forms
  • Camp registration forms
  • Event venue booking forms
  • Sales lead forms
  • Service request forms
  • E-news subscription forms
  • Formstack API’s and dynamic forms
  • Formstack Pre-filled forms
  • Formstack surveys and quizzes

Need help with your law firms’ online forms, lead generation and marketing automation? Contact LegalWerx, an official Formstack Developer and Formstack Partner about your next project.

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